As the host of The Seed podcast, I had the pleasure of welcoming Carrie Fox, the founder and CEO of Mission Partners, as a guest on the show. During the episode, we had a virtual recording with Dandelion-Inc members, allowing them to ask questions and share their stories with Carrie. The conversation was truly inspirational and impactful, with members like Sharon and Carla sharing their experiences and insights.

Sharon discussed her digital storytelling project aimed at reducing stigma and helping individuals find their voice. Carla shared her emotional connection to the concept of the butterfly effect and how it influences her work at her salon and spa. Paige also chimed in, highlighting the importance of empowering employees and creating a supportive work environment in her cleaning company.

Carrie provided valuable insights on radical listening, empathy, and the power of belief in others. The episode showcased the diverse experiences and missions of women entrepreneurs, emphasizing the importance of community and support in business endeavors. The episode ended with a heartfelt thank you to the listeners and participants for their inspiration and engagement in the conversation. Overall, the episode exemplified the spirit of empowerment and growth within the Dandelion-Inc community.